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A&G International Language Services is an Interpretation and Translation Services Company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, specialized in the provision of Conference Interpretation and Translation Services, Conference management and language consultancy.

We are an enterprise based on hard work, quality and professional, flexible and innovative services. We have been guided by the strength of our values since the very beginning.

Our strict quality requirements ensure a high standard of Translation and Interpretation services through experienced and highly qualified staff.

We provide audio / visual equipment including microphone public address system and booths for Interpreters.

To be the number one in conference management, Translation and Interpretation services.

Our mission is to provide solutions when language creates a barrier to effective communication.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

We address all customers’ needs to the best of our quality.


We achieve the highest standards.

Trust & Responsibility

We are accountable for our actions. We keep on our work and commitment

Quality Service

We provide significant services to our clients

Leading Experts

Our team of professionally trained linguists, Translators and Interpreters provides written translation, spoken and Sign Language interpretation in every industry including legal, Education, technology, medical, financial, insurance, entertainment and more.

Goodson Chatila

Goodson Chatila


Kibwe Amani

Kibwe Amani

Senior Project Manager

When language creates a barrier to effective communication ;
We provide solutions.

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